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¿Sabía que las mujeres juegan al fútbol?

Hard to believe, I know, but women play soccer!

Clarin has a piece about “la Maradona de las mujeres,” Han Duan. Duan, who is from China, has become a bit of a soccer superstar thanks to both good skills and good timing (the upcoming Olympics in China).


And while I should be happy that there is at least some coverage on women’s sports in a major Argentine newspaper, I don’t think that “any press is good press” applies. Duan is treated seriously enough, but lines like, “Siempre es lindo ir a ver mujeres,” does more harm than good.

I started playing soccer when I was 5, as did most of the kids (both boys and girls) my age. By the time I had graduated from high school, I had played on basketball, field hockey, swim, and track teams. I was pretty damn good at sports, if I say so myself, and expected to be treated accordingly. In Argentina, I’ve seen private school girls carrying field hockey sticks and the occasional story on women’s soccer teams, but I don’t think that women are taken as seriously in Argentina. I was certainly never invited to play pick up soccer with my male friends.

Which is really a shame, because a country so enamored with futbol should be thrilled to have double the number of teams, of games, of potential idols and crazed fans, than it does now.

What have your experiences been with regards to women and sports? –REBECCA


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