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mi querido diversión

Just because the weather forecast for the weekend is all wind, rain, and almost-freezing temperatures doesn’t mean that you can’t go out. soy so lindo’s got our top picks for the weekend, all taking place in the warm indoors.

Saturday, August 4: Mel Mann + Kirlian + the Baseball Furies

Nevermind the recent buzz Mel Mann has been getting in the indie rock scene, if there’s a reason to go to this show, it’s because it’s at the Hotel Bauen, our favorite venue in the entire city. Think spiral staircase with black and white piano keys adorning the wall, leather banquettes, and disco lighting.

Auditorio Hotel Bauen, Av. Callao 360, 21 hs, $8

Sunday, August 5: Maratón Alejandro Jodorowsky:

An entire day of Jodorowsky films equals a whole lot of trippiness. All Movie Guide describes his films as, what might have resulted if Luis Bunuel, Michelangelo Antonioni, and George Romero had all dropped acid and made a movie together.” Sounds about right. Films start at 2:30, 5, 7:30, and 10 p.m.

Sala Lugones, Teatro San Martin, Corrientes 1530

For more events, check out soy so lindo’s calendar.


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riding the new wave


 Anyone who has sat through Film Theory 101 knows Eric Rohmer. While Godard and Truffaut have become near-brand names of French new wave, Rohmer was an equally integral member to the movement. From 1958 to 1962, Rohmer was editor of the film theory/criticism bible Cahiers de Cinema, writing some of the very texts that today epitomize new wave film. It was soon after that Rohmer put his theories to the test, making gems like Ma nuit chez Maud and La Marquise de O… throughout the 60s and70s.

C.C. Borges gives Rohmer the attention he deserves with a month-long film ciclo showcasing nine of his films, starting tomorrow. To see the full screening schedule and learna bout other events in Buenos Aires this month, check out soy so lindo’s event calendar (click the button below).–REBECCA

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mi querido diversión

Yes, the long weekend holiday is supposed to be about Argentina’s independence from Spain, but the best things to do this weekend are all from the U.S. Go figure.

Saturday, July 7

“El afinador de terremotos ,” the second feature film from the Brothers Quay, is as superbly made–albeit creepy–as ever. We could go over the details of the plot, but it’s really besides the point; all you need to know is that the film mixes their trademark animation with live action. See this poetic science fiction narrative in all its glory at its premier tonight.

Malba, Avda. Figueroa Alcorta 3415,

Sunday, July 8:

On Wednesday, July 4th, Zizek celebrated independence U.S.-style. This Sunday, it does the same for Argentina. And like all things Argentine (streets, flags, steaks, etc.), it has to be bigger and better. Thus, Super Zizek. DJs King Coya & El Trip Selector, Oro11 (in what may be his last major show in Buenos Aires), Bomboclap Soundsystem, and Douster take over the main room at Niceto with the only thing they know– cumbia, dancehall, hip hop and reggaeton.

Niceto Club, Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo
$15 hasta 2 am, luego $20
Lista de descuento $10 hasta 2 am

Need something to do in the afternoon? Check out soy so lindo’s calendar for a complete listing.

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debe ser un día muy especial

Rosario Bléfari is not a musician. She’s not an artist. She’s not an actress. She’s not a director, nor a screenplay writer, nor a journalist.

She’s not any one thing; instead, she’s all of these things and more.

We’re careful with hyperboles and the way we use them, but Bléfari warrants each and every one of them. She was part of the beloved 90s indie rock band Suárez, inspiring the current generation of underground bands that dot Buenos Aires’ underbelly. After the band broke up, she began her solo career, with every album besting the previous one. Her songs are true pop gems, three-minute reminders of why you fell in love with rock music in the first place.

And even if indie pop isn’t your thing, you’ll still find a reason to join the cult of Bléfari: she stared in the film Silvia Prieto, wrote a book of poetry, and wrote, directed, and acted in the play “Somos nuestro cerebro” and “¿Somos nuestros genes?” Oh, and in her spare time she writes articles for magazines like Plan V, urging readers to take action in protecting the environment. 

So it’s no surprise that for soy so lindo’s first interview, we chose Bléfari, our icon of cultural production in Buenos Aires.

After the jump, read about why Bléfari’s latest album, Misterio Relámpago, is getting a proper release party a year after it came out, how Argentina has effected her music, and where she goes for the best pizza in town. And don’t miss her album release show tonight at 21 hs at La Trastienda!


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mi querido diversión

The forecast for the weekend’s looking good (well, it does when we look out the window), so there’s no excuse to stay inside. But if you need that extra push, here are two things you can’t miss this weekend:

Saturday, June 23: “Origines: La obra temprana de Antonio Segui” at C.C. Borges is closing on Sunday. Don’t miss the seventy-odd paintings by the artist from Cordoba. C.C.  Borges, Viamonte esq. San Martin.


Sunday, June 24: Brush up on your David Lynch with “Corazon Salvaje.” Perhaps better known as “Wild at Heart,” this is actually one of Lynch’s tamer films. So you won’t have to watch it five times to “get” it. Malba,  Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415.

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