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Don’t worry, the soy so lindo team is still alive and well.

 We’ve been a bit quiet for the past month or so because of a sudden unexpected trip back home (New York). Will we be back in good ol’ BsAs? Sure hope so, although as of now there is no ETA. In the meantime, expect the occasional post about Buenos Aires, New York, or whatever else tickles our fancy.

Today we’ve got some just-shot photos of soy so lindo’s favorite musicians Princesa and No Lo Soporto, shot by soy so lindo’s favorite photographer Flor in soy so lindo’s favorite secret store, Tremendo (don’t worry, in time we’ll be giving Tremendo its own post. Patience!). They’ll be featured in story I wrote in a not-so-secret magazine in late November.

 Enjoy, and besos–REBECCA

Princesa por Flor Lista

No Lo Soporto por Flor Lista


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we’re all yanquis


Yesterday was the first of what we hope to be many soy so lindo parties. In honor of Argentina’s Independence Day (July 9), we figured that we’d throw an American style party, complete with hamburgers from the “grill” (aka the stove top), sweet potato fries, sangria, and live music by the medio-American band Springlizard. We weren’t expecting snow when we planned our summer-inspired fiesta, but then again, does anyone expect the cold white stuff in a city that saw its last snowfall in 1918?

But sub-freezing temperatures and icy sidewalks didn’t stop us from partying like it was July 4th, as these photos show. For more, check out soy so lindo’s flickr page.


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galeria crawl: 5ta Avenida

In the battle for the title “Sketchiest Shopping Area”, the galerias of Buenos Aires would win out over creepy run-down suburban malls any day. In case you haven’t walked by one on Santa Fe or peered into one on Corrientes (and believe us, you probably have), a galeria is like a mini-indoor mall, with most of the shops in the galeria sharing a theme. There’s ugly-formal-dress galeria, old-lady-shoes galeria, even blank-cd-and-cassette-tape galeria. Tacky, maybe, but why so terrible? Well, they’re almost always dark, with only a few dusty flourescents flickering over head. Because of this, you can rarely see beyond the first store or two, and the thought of venturing into a cave-like walkway ain’t exactly shop-inducing. In short, most galerias are total duds.

 But there are some diamonds in the rough. Our weekly Galeria Crawl Guide will give a mini-tour of our favorite galerias. It takes out the whole Russian Roulette aspect of entering a galeria (will this galeria lead me to amazing suede boots or a slow and painful death at the hands of some psychopath?). And if you strike gold, you can end up with a pair of glasses for under $20 or skinny jeans for way less than they charge at Rapsodia.

5ta Avenida 

In this first installment, we introduce you to 5ta Galeria, heaven on earth for vintage fiends. While there are a couple of cute vintage stores dotting the city, you can’t beat the prices and the sheer volume of clothing in such a small space. And did we mention that there are three floors of vintage stores?

5ta Avenida

Stores keep irregular hours, so you’re better off wandering around than seeking out any store in particular. Flip through the racks that line the galeria’s walkway, they’re usually filled with clothing going for 5 pesos or less. And don’t miss the store on the bottom floor that has a collection of 70s-era perfumes.

5ta Avenida

If vintage isn’t your thing, the front store Arriba (right when you enter, on Santa Fe) stocks clothing and accesories by local designers. We love the pencil cases and bags designed by Melisa (of the band Boreales).

Galeria 5ta Avenida, Avenida Santa Fe 1270, entre Libertad y Talcahuano. Open 10 am-9 pm, Mon-Sat. — REBECCA

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el rock es mi forma de ser: Argentine Rock 101

No Lo Soporto, July 2007

To go to Buenos Aires and not see at least one Argentine band play live is akin to not eating a steak, trying an alfajor, buying a leather jacket, etc.

 Okay, so maybe it’s not the same thing. But I’ve always seen Argentina through the lens of music. Back in 2005, night after night of concerts culminated in a 40+ page paper on the indie rock scene in Argentina since 2000 (a copy or two is floating around the city, if you’re interested). Soon after, I started my weekly radio show Side A/Lado B based out of New York City. By 2006, I was writing mini-guides for music magazines and giving tutorials to writers at the New York Times.

 Now, I promised Wes that Soy So Lindo wouldn’t be so rock-heavy (overlaps in our music tastes are few and far between), so I’ll get it out of my system and then we can move on.

These are the top ten bands in Argentina today

Want to listen to them? Stream old Side A/Lado B shows.

 For info on rock nacional, check out

 If you want to do it right and actually, you know, see these bands live, the best place to start is Soy So Lindo’s Calendar.

From June through August, there are great ciclos happening at Niceto (on Thursdsays and Fridays), C.C. Ricardo Rojas (Fridays), and la Ciudad Cultural Konex (every other Tuesday). See you there!?!– REBECCA

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somos todos boludos

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Both Wesley and I had already spent large amounts of time in Buenos Aires, starting in 2005. In fact, we had already purchased tickets for a summer trip elsewhere (Mexico City, to be exact), making this entire blog–heck, the trip itself–ridiculous. But here we are, $100 poorer from cancelling our tickets, sitting down to start something new about an old friend.

 Which says something about the city itself. Buenos Aires greets you with its gray skies and grayer buildings, but spend enough time and the color of the city will soak in. The grafitti covering skinny San Telmo streets, the parillas the fill up with businesspeople come lunchtime in the Microcentro, the hipsters dancing to 80s hits at Le Click, the tenedor libres that line Corrientes. In short, it’s all so lindo.

While we don’t claim to be experts on Buenos Aires, we have lived there long enough to make some claims on authority. Combined, we’ve studied at UBA (in Facultad de Ciencias Sociales), played photographer for a local indie rock band, taken classes at C.C. Borges, worked with the clothing label Tramando, posed for renowed photographer Marcos Lopez, and even managed to be held up at gunpoint in La Boca (and lived to tell the tale, camera intact).

We know where to go for the tastiest menu ejecutivo, the loudest rock music, the coldest ice cream. Or how to find the cheapest t-shirts for silkscreening, the tackiest (in an awesome way) eyeglasses, the coolest houseparty. And if we don’t know it now, we’ll post about it once we do.

 There will be regular weekly posts (think reviews, interviews, guides), photos, an event calendar, as well as off-the-cuff comments. Got a restaurant/band/store/street that we need to see? If it’s so lindo, send it along.

 We’ll eventually get around to introduce ourselves, the tour guides. But that can wait.

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