house demolishing parties

August 7, 2007 at 2:34 pm Leave a comment

goodbye house party August 2007 

While we can’t remember the last time that we’ve been invited to a house warming party, the soy so lindo team has been to two house demolishing parties in the past month. That is, a huge blow-out party the night before the tenants are being kicked out because they don’t want to/can’t pay the increased rents.

goodbye house party July 2007 goodbye house party July 2007

While the parties always prove to be fun– with phrases and images scribbled all over the walls, huge bonfires, and even live bands playing to a packed room–they’re also a bit depressing. The combination of inflation and the real estate boom (bubble?) here in Buenos Aires means that it’s getting more and more expensive to live in Capital Federal. If it’s not out-of-control rents that get you, it’s developers buying the building just to tear it down and build up something bigger and better.

As New Yorkers, we’ve seen this trend before and believe us, it doesn’t end pretty. It was just reported that rates of homelessness in NY are the highest they’ve been in twenty years, thanks to the real estate and development boom (aka gentrification).

While we love a good party, let’s hope that this is a coincidence, rather than a trend.–REBECCA


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