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The distinct smell of animal s**t in Palermo means only one thing– it’s Buenos Aires’ annual Exposicion Rural!

Entering its 121st year, the Exposicion Rural is the agriculture show not just of Latin America but, arguably, of the world. Besides livestock, there are fruits, vegetables, and even the cultivators of said products on display. Last year the New York Times showered the exhibition with praise, saying,

There are livestock fairs all over the world from Fort Worth to Paris, but nothing quite compares to the pageantry, historical magnitude and pure fun of La Rural, which attracts more than a million spectators — Argentines and foreigners — many of whom crowd the viewing stands to watch the judging of the champions.


The show, opening today and continuing through August 7, demands a $10 peso entrance fee. But imagine all of the bovines, birds, and broccoli you could see! Judging won’t begin until later in the week, so if you want to see some ribbons handed out, you best be checking the schedule. Otherwise, plan to go on any day but Saturday or Sunday, since it will be a total zoo (haha) on the weekend and these types of shows bring out pushiest people.

And in case you’re still on the fence about going to the Exposicion Rural, this quote from the New York Times article should convince you:

Señor Sol’s father, Satán, a past grand champion, commands a $35,000 price tag, and will earn more money than that from frequent sales of his sperm. When Satán was declared the best-in-show in 2004, his gaucho attendant, Fernando Pondovila, burst into tears. “After all those months spent with the animal and to have him recognized as the greatest of his breed — well, I was so happy that I just couldn’t contain my emotions,” Mr. Pondovila said.

Let’s hope for a repeat performance this year.–REBECCA


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