los pelirrojos son peligrosos

July 18, 2007 at 3:27 pm 1 comment


If there’s anything to learn from Clarin today, it’s that being a redhead in Buenos Aires sucks!

 Oh, and if you’re not a redhead, you can add the taunts “Fideos con tuco,” “fosforito,” “ketchup,” and “mufa,” to your anti-redhead arsenal.

Clarin wondered outloud what it’s like to grow up with red hair and concluded that as bad as things are here in Argentina for pelirrojos, they’re not nearly as bad as in England. Which struck me as a bit odd, since there seem to be plenty of flaming redheads from England (Kate Winslet, Ginger Spice, or Ron from Harry Potter, if we’re just talking big names), and yet few from here. But maybe I’m just color blind and can’t see the full spectrum of rainbow colored heads in Buenos Aires.

Regardless, I’m looking for redhead taunt retorts in Spanish for when my dear redheaded friend from NY comes to visit in August. Any suggestions?–REBECCA


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gimme my pepas! diferencias y repeticiones

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  • 1. freedombanker  |  July 18, 2007 at 3:38 pm

    Being a redhead in Buenos Aires does not suck at all…

    On the contrary, the Clarin article points to the problems that redheaded people have in England.

    In argentina beeing a redhead is just a minor problem (and you are completely right: there are not as many redheads in Buenos Aires).

    If you are living in Argentina, you surely noted that there are bigger and more critical issues.

    Enjoy Buenos Aires.

    Best regards



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