diferencias y repeticiones

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Gallery shows may be a bit of a mixed bag here in Buenos Aires, but if Juan Dolhare’s paintings don’t impress you, at least the space will.

The bright colors and political tones of Dolhare’s paintings (nearly a dozen) underscore the desolate warehouse in which they’re shown– think lights illuminating old wooden barrels, paintings mounted on crates, and a dirty porcelaine bathtub adding to the ambiance.

Similarly, the works themselves revolve around the the corruption of capitalism and the perverse beauty that comes out of it. Faceless men in suits stand below a shimmering red silhouette of Cuba; a pair of legs lean against a warm cloudless shade of blue. Yes, it’s all a bit eerie and disheartening, but like a Lynch film, you just can’t turn away.

 The soy so lindo team was lucky enough to be invited to a special viewing of the show yesterday, where we spent the evening exploring the building and clinking wine glasses with the artist. What follows here (and on our flickr page) is an abreviated account of the show.

If you haven’t yet seen “Diferencias y Repeticiones” (or have, but are into art parties), there will be a closing reception this Thursday, July 19 at 8 p.m.

Juan Dolare: “Diferencias y Repeticiones”

Bolivar 1670, Barracas.


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