next year in jerusalem

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Jewish or not, just about any twentysomething East Coast liberal arts school student knows about Birthright Israel. Started in 2000, Birthright Israel (BRI) is an organization that sends youngs Jews (ages 18-26) on an all-expenses paid trip to Israel. While there’s plenty of proselytizing (the purpose of BRI is, after all, to reconnect young Jews with Israel), a free trip to Israel is a free trip to Israel. Which is likely why most of my American Jewish friends, religious or not, eventually opt to go on the trip.

But BRI in Argentina? Apparently. A friend of soy so lindo left today for a BRI-sponsored trip to Israel, and she’s not alone. In 2006, 1129 Argentine youths went to Israel with BRI; in 2005, 1245. And in just January and February of this year, BRI sent 189. The organization claims that in just six years it has sent 5,000 Argentines to Israel, contributing to a total of 100,000 trip participants worldwide.

In a country known for its anti-semitism (the 13th anniversary of the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina bombing is this Wednesday), it’s comforting to see that Argentine Jews are still proud of their heritage and interested in visiting Israel. You must register for a trip at least six months in advance, so sign up now if you fit the bill (Jewish, 18-26 years old, have never gone on an educational trip to Israel before). Next year in Jerusalem, indeed.–REBECCA


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