riding the cupcake wave

July 11, 2007 at 5:16 pm Leave a comment


While American-style baked goods (bagels, brownies, cookies) have made their way onto trendy Buenos Aires cafe menus, there’s one item that hasn’t yet crossed the frontera– cupcakes.

I was reminded of this while reading that Magnolia Bakery–the New York bakery that, thanks to Sex and the City, started it all– was shut down this afternoon because of health code violations. Seeing as the cupcake trend has already come and gone in NY, this symbolic nail in the coffin may allow for the Atkins diet-flouting pastry to migrate south and find its place among the Oui Ouis and the Mark’s Delis of Buenos Aires.

Don’t get me wrong– I love cupcakes. If there wasn’t always a line around the corner at Magnolia, I’d be there every afternoon. Instead, Billy’s Bakery (Chelsea), Buttercup Bakery (UWS/UES), and Baked (Red Hook) were the dealers that supported my sugar high addiction. 

If you too are feeling sugar pangs (and would rather not wait for an overpriced, underwhelming version to arrive at Oui Oui or Mark’s), try baking them yourself. To make the official soy so lindo cupcake, pick up a cupcake pan at Falabella and chocolate cake batter and Bon o Bon creme frosting at the supermarket. Let the great cupcake migration of 2007 begin.–REBECCA


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