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One of the most difficult dinner party tasks is being asked to bring helado. Since helado is more than just ice cream here in Buenos Aires, a simple pint of Ben & Jerry’s vanilla won’t suffice. 

The soy so lindo team, annointed this very task for a dinner party tonight, is grappling with two major questions: What flavors should we buy, and where should we buy them? The flavors should be both interesting and crowd-pleasing, problematic when you want to forgo the traditional dulce de leche but don’t want to ignite a guest’s food allergy. When it comes to where to buy, there are three routes: classic, trendy, or obscure.

All three were recently covered in a piece in the L.A. Times. That L.A.’s hometown newspaper published a story about the best helado in Buenos Aires is a bit ironic considering that the city is the birthplace of PinkBerry, the epitome of blah-tasting fake ice cream.

Regardless, the writer’s favorite heladerias include:

Saverio: “Saverio claims to have sold ice cream to tango legend Carlos Gardel back in the day. In a city filled with unusual flavors, Saverio’s offerings stood out: pears in Burgundy and kumquats in whiskey. The latter, as exotic as it might sound, is not hard to find at ice cream shops here, but this version was masterful, with large pieces of tart-sweet kumquat and a wonderfully creamy consistency.”

La Venecina: “When we sat down at La Veneciana, even our ice cream-weary palettes were blown away by the spectacular banana with dulce de leche. Many shops sell sundaes, shakes and ice cream cakes. La Veneciana offers all these things, plus a “spaghetti” plate made entirely of ice cream, with vanilla ice cream “noodles” and raspberry topping as a red sauce.”

Il Bonbon: “It’s next to an auto repair shop in a mostly residential section of the Villa Urquiza neighborhood. I came here on a hot tip: I learned it sold rice pudding ice cream.”

And one of my chain favorites, Persicco: “It came down to this: Persicco’s approaches perfection.”

Other Buenos Aires bloggers have stated their favorites, although we at soy so lindo have never been that impressed by Un Altra Volta. Rather than stay loyal to one single heladeria, I pick and choose according to mood. When I’m dying for some dulce de leche combo, I order a huge helping of dulce de leche bombon (dulce de leche with chocolate covered balls of dulce de leche) and chocolate amargo from Cadore (en el Centro). If I need something more refreshing, I’ll get limon jamaica (lemon with raspberry swirls and chocolate chips) at Las Malvinas (en Almagro). And if it’s too damn hot outside and I’m ready to trade lunch for a medio kilo of goodness, I’ll trek out to Persicco (either location) and get their crema de limon (lemon merengue pie), dulce de leche con brownie, and sandia (watermelon with chocolate chips).

This, of course, doesn’t help me figure out the helado for this evening, but it does make me crave a big ol’ kilo of it. We’ll let you know what we ended up going with.– REBECCA


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