TOMS: 2 Good 2 Be Forgotten

June 10, 2007 at 11:37 pm Leave a comment

That New York was recently advertised as a destination for European travelers because of its trendy shops and cheap exchange rate got on my nerves. Is NY’s only (and best) selling point its stores/weak dollar? What happened to MoMA, Central Park, Times Square (nevermind local favorites)?

So I empathize with many Argentines who get frustrated with the fact that shopping is high on tourists’ to-do lists. Heck, I’ve done my fair share of shopping.

TOMS Shoes may not be a trip to Teatro Colon or a visit to feria de Mataderos, but this stylish shoe company manages to both satiate your need for cute kicks while actually giving back to the country. TOMS basic premise is that for every pair of comfy canvas flats (a traditional shoe style, just as likely to be worn by 17 year old girls as 78 year old men in Argentina) sold, the company will donate a pair to a South American child in need. And fear not, this isn’t some pink-ribbon scarf that’s kinda ugly; the shoes could best be described as a more indie version of canvas slip-ons, with some sweet patterns and even a limited edition pair designed by artist Tyler Ramsey. They’re not Argentine-pesos prices, but the $30-something pricetag technically pays for two pairs of shoes– not bad at all.

For the creatively inclined, July 28 is TOMS’ “Style Your Sole House Party.” Organize a house party and you’ll get discounts on shoes. And a clearer conscience.


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