A rose by any other name…

June 6, 2007 at 1:21 pm Leave a comment

There are a lot of things to dislike about NYC summers: the heat, the stink, the masses of people clogging up the streets for name-a-holiday vacation. But it’s easy to forget all of that when you’re spending your summer in wintery Buenos Aires.

So has been the case for the past two (and soon to become three) summers. Every year, I’ve been in New York just long enough to remember why I hate summers in NY, but when I return home after a few months in Argentina, I can’t help but mourn another year without fully enjoying summer.

Yesterday I had one of those perfect NY-summer days that I’m sure I’ll miss once I’m back in the (from what I’ve heard, freezing) cold. It started with a walk across 14th street, from Union Square to 9th Ave, aided by the constant sipping of a Mr. Softee chocolate milkshake.  After participating in a focus group (part of the trendspotting firm I work with), I grabbed a drink in the Lower East Side with Wes, then shot back up to Central Park, where I was invited to see a special preview of Romeo and Juliet, part one of this year’s Shakespeare in the Park.

The play was, overall, really well done. Camryn Manheim was great, as was Lauren Ambrose and the dude who played Mercutio. Beautiful set that really incorporated the surrounding scenery (what better backdrop for Romeo and Juliet than Central Park’s castle?). My only gripes: Romeo felt a bit shlubby. His clothing was all oversized, his body a bit mushy, his height on the shorter side. He looked like a poor-man’s Adrian Grenier. I liked the softness that he brought to the role of Romeo, but ultimately felt like it just wasn’t the best fit.

But really, Romeo didn’t matter. It was one of those cheesy, straight out of a tourbook days, but I loved it all the same. Now that I’ve had my milkshake, my mid-day walk, my LES drink, and my bit of culture (in Central Park, no less), I’m ready for the cold, the wind, the winter. Buenos Aires, bring it on. –REBECCA


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