somos todos boludos

June 1, 2007 at 10:33 pm Leave a comment

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Both Wesley and I had already spent large amounts of time in Buenos Aires, starting in 2005. In fact, we had already purchased tickets for a summer trip elsewhere (Mexico City, to be exact), making this entire blog–heck, the trip itself–ridiculous. But here we are, $100 poorer from cancelling our tickets, sitting down to start something new about an old friend.

 Which says something about the city itself. Buenos Aires greets you with its gray skies and grayer buildings, but spend enough time and the color of the city will soak in. The grafitti covering skinny San Telmo streets, the parillas the fill up with businesspeople come lunchtime in the Microcentro, the hipsters dancing to 80s hits at Le Click, the tenedor libres that line Corrientes. In short, it’s all so lindo.

While we don’t claim to be experts on Buenos Aires, we have lived there long enough to make some claims on authority. Combined, we’ve studied at UBA (in Facultad de Ciencias Sociales), played photographer for a local indie rock band, taken classes at C.C. Borges, worked with the clothing label Tramando, posed for renowed photographer Marcos Lopez, and even managed to be held up at gunpoint in La Boca (and lived to tell the tale, camera intact).

We know where to go for the tastiest menu ejecutivo, the loudest rock music, the coldest ice cream. Or how to find the cheapest t-shirts for silkscreening, the tackiest (in an awesome way) eyeglasses, the coolest houseparty. And if we don’t know it now, we’ll post about it once we do.

 There will be regular weekly posts (think reviews, interviews, guides), photos, an event calendar, as well as off-the-cuff comments. Got a restaurant/band/store/street that we need to see? If it’s so lindo, send it along.

 We’ll eventually get around to introduce ourselves, the tour guides. But that can wait.


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